Why Write About My Work

I started this website primarily for myself; think of it as my personal documentation. I write about things I’m working on, things that help me learn and grow, or simply just things I want to remember and reference back to into the future. I’ve never been good at writing things down, but the more practice I put into it, the better I feel. I’m still figuring out why, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Deconstruction makes the "why" clearer

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly making decisions. Sometimes it’s on the fly based on instinct; other times, it requires a fair amount of foresight. Unfortunately, I’ve burned myself in the past.  Whether I moved too quickly or didn’t consider the other areas where my decision could have an impact—I could’ve done better. By deconstructing the decision before it is made, I am selling myself why I am making it.

Documentation makes the process cleaner

Wow, I thought this was quick and easy, but now I see it has 24 steps involved and I’m questioning my sanity.

Once the why is clear, how requires skill to implement. I’ve always found documenting a procedure to be hugely helpful in remembering how to complete a task, and I almost always find ways to improve it once I see it written out.